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Bless Supper Club

Chef Tonia Renae shares a bit of herself with you, the guest, the audience.



life is meant to eat, share, laugh, love....bless

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With 20 + years of experience in the food and hospitality industry, and time spent cultivating my craft, I currently find myself in a good place within the Universe.  I've afforded myself the opportunity to sit back and dream a realistic dream fueled by my passion. It is my intent to create an outlet where I showcase my passion as the culinary art it is, to cultivate a trustworthy  brand,  and a name that people can trust their taste buds to.  

The Supper Club allows me to share my passion with individuals who are looking for a new dining experience.  Creating my own restaurant for a day or night is the perfect way for me to present my gift to an ever growing world of foodies. With my wife managing the front of house with a concentration on the decor, it has become clear to both of us that this new venture, which has propelled us into a creative movement, has been waiting patiently to emerge. 

We hope you all do not deny yourselves the opportunity to take part in these culinary experiences, and we look forward to meeting you at an upcoming Supper Club. 

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