Bless Supper Club

Chef Tonia Renae shares a bit of herself with you, the guest, the audience.



life is meant to eat, share, laugh, love....bless

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Bless Supper Club events are individually customized to suit the needs and desires of you and your guests. This experience is brought to you by a Personal Chef and a Decorator (additional staff depends on the number of guests) with over 10 years of experience.

The only things we require for your hassle free event is a table with chairs to accommodate your guests and a fully functioning kitchen. Food preparation, table setting, serving, and clean up are all taken care of by us.

Chef’s Pop-Up Supper Club events take place monthly throughout the year so follow us on Instagram for dates and ticket information.

We hope you all do not deny yourselves the opportunity to take part in these culinary experiences, and we look forward to meeting you at an upcoming Supper Club. 

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